Graffiti Love

What I think about Graffiti

Graffiti has a lot of uses, one recent development has been its adoption by creative companies to decorate their officers. The transition from the street to corporations might seem a little surprising first, but we need to remember is the meteoric rise in popularity graffiti has enjoyed over the past six months. Who would have thought that we would find graffiti artists in office buildings creating art! Take for instance the latest installation by Banksy in New York City. The amount of press attention and publicity that this has received has been absolutely unprecedented. The graffiti artist claiming the front cover of the New York Times, you know that attitudes have changed towards the form.

Years ago would have been perhaps unthinkable for this to have happened, the graffiti artist, with the world’s attention on his exhibition., however today this is the truth and this is what has happened. So how has this happened? Banksy is an interesting case. He was originally an artist from Bristol who specialised in graffiti. He started out by drawing bubble style graffiti on the side of trains and on buildings. However what he found was that he was unable to do his pieces quick enough. Inevitably before he could complete a piece the police would turn up, security would interrupt him or the property owner would arrive.

It was said that his idea to stencilling graffiti first came to him when he was lying under a train hiding from the security officer. Looking up underneath the train he saw the stencilled numbers for the ID on the bottom. Taking this concept of stencilling he applied it to graffiti art. This enables him to not only create his pieces a lot quicker than just whether can. It enabled him to create more adventurous pieces, which really gave him a unique identity as a graffiti artist and set him out from the crowd. To many this is what makes banksy so great, his fantastic and unique style. Indeed, it is his unique style and approach to graffiti art that has led him to become internationally famous and his artwork to be incredibly valuable. Many a list celebrities are counted as fans as his as well as millions of other people across the world. It is not uncommon to find some of his artwork books in homes across England.

It is not just banksy there has driven the adoption of graffiti into the mainstream, although he has certainly done no harm. The public’s attitude towards the art over the years has changed dramatically. Graffiti to many is seen as urban, edgy, cool and cutting-edge – so it is natural that companies that want to be seen as these things, include the art in the decoration of their offices.